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Safe Operating Procedures - When renting a bounce house, you want to you select a company that has safety in mind. We rent bounce houses that meet all regulations and safety standards. We are committed to safety and in providing you with a safe, enjoyable, and fun experience. We are certified members of the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (S.I.O.T.O). We will take the time to go over the safe operating procedures and to answer any questions you may have. We have rented thousands of bounce houses in CT for past 11 years and are experienced in safe set-up of inflatables.

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Safety features are factory built into everyone of our bounce houses.  Our bounce houses and slides are made of strong high quality materials. You can see your children all the time in our bounce houses. All bounce houses and slides are securely staked into the ground to prevent tipping. 

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Made in the USA
- We do not offer inflatable bouncers imported from China that do not meet USA safety requirements. All our bounce houses are higher quality made in the USA, tested and approved & meet or exceed federal safety standards.
Lead free vinyl -
All our inflatable bounce houses are made of lead free vinyl.

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Weather Guarantee
- We understand you don't want to rent bounce house in heavy rain or high winds. If the weather forecast for the day of your party does not look suitable, we can cancel the rental or reschedule. There is no charge or loss of deposit if you decide to cancel the bounce house rental due to rain or bad weather. Please note, that if you decide to rent the bounce house, once it is set-up, we do not refund rental fees because of weather.   If we don't set up the bounce house due to weather, there's no charge.

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